The NF WIRE Forum is a unique professional event for the non-ferrous wire industry that offers a wide range of specialist information about the processing of wire

The NF Wire Forum is a consortium of 5 partners – Aurubis, Balloffet, Bechem, Niehoff and the Kupferverband – who all supply the NF wire processing industry and maintain close contacts and exchange with their customers. The consortium sees itself as a platform for all questions and requirements along the NF wire value chain for various applications such as e-mobility, renewable energies and others.

The event in Antwerp will be combined with a visit to the Aurubis plant in Olen on the first day with a limited number of visitors. After a joint evening event, the next day’s forum will address sustainability with extremely interesting speakers from business, associations and the NF Wire Forum.

Please find the agenda below.

The following link will guide you to the registration page. For organizational reasons we kindly ask you to register latest June 19th, 2023.
Please note that the conference language will be English, and that the event will only take place if the minimum number of registrations is received.

We are already looking forward to your participation in the NF Wire Forum and the plant tour at Aurubis Olen. Please feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues who might also be interested in attending.

The Program for the 19th and 20th of September

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th, 2023Site visit Aurubis Olen

12:15: Departure by bus from the Mercure Antwerp City South
17:30: Arrival back at the hotel

Networking dinner

Starts at 18:30 at the Mercure Antwerp City South

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th, 2023Conference "Sustainability in the supply-chain of the NF Wire industry"

9:00 – 17:00 at the Mercure Antwerp City South

Powering the energy transition – cable demand from renewables

Aisling Hubert, CRU

Sustainability along the copper wire production chain

Michael Sander, Kupferverband e.V.

Sustainability and life cycle assessement in the wire production

Dr.-Ing. Ladji Tikana, Michael Sander, Kupferverband e.V.

Sustainability@Aurubis – benefits for our customers

Cornel Abratis, Aurubis AG

Efficiency and sustainability with drawing dies in the wire drawing process

Michael Biller, Balloffet GmbH

Metals for Clean Energy: Solving Europe's raw material challenge

Chris Heron, Eurometaux

Development of modern drawing lubricants within sustainability aspects

Christopher Folland, Carl Bechem GmbH

Sustainability in mechanical engineering and energy-efficient machines for the wire and cable industry

Stephan Gorgels, Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG


See the latest updates from our event in September 2022 in Nürnberg

NF Wire Forum in Bad Sassendorf.

The NF Wire Forum is the only trade event in the non-ferrous wire industry that offers you the opportunity to obtain up-to-date knowledge from top speakers and experts and to exchange ideas with market participants. We see the NF Wire Forum as an interdisciplinary platform where the expert knowledge of the four partners is bundled into one system.



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